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Smart storing and fast retrieving of lightweight items

New addition to the Megamat RS vertical carousel family

Kardex Remstar has extended its portfolio for the RS series, the latest generation of the proven vertical carousel, by the new Megamat RS 180. In doing so, the intralogistics provider satisfies market demands for tailored solutions.

Although suitable for use in various sectors, the Megamat RS 180 is particularly well equipped for storing and retrieving small items in bins in the automotive, engineering and electrical industries. Built to state-of-the-art technology standards, the vertical carousel can be used by companies to increase order picking efficiency on the factory floor, production line or in distribution centres to verifiably optimize processes and minimize costs.

The right solution for light jobs

As Marc A. Zenses, Manager Solution/Product Management at Kardex Remstar explains: “In terms of durability, functionality and user friendliness the new Megamat RS 180 matches with the rest of the product family. With the RS series we now cover three load classes, with the latest Megamat addition serving the lightweight class up to 180 kilograms.“ Any tailored lightweight storage requirements can be served by the paternoster-style vertical carousel, which ensures maximum storage facilities in a minimum of floor space. Up to 80 percent more storage capacity can thus be created. The Megamat RS 180 is equipped as standard with the new Logicontrol automated storage system, which aside from being a reliable machine control, also offers basic warehouse management functions.

Versatility wins the game
The new Megamat RS 180 can be used up to a height of 7.5 metres either as a stand-alone solution, in combination, or as a multi-storey system with multiple access openings. The storage system can be extended at any time, and the devices can be easily relocated. A wide variety of items can be stored in the Megamat RS 180. The spectrum ranges from individual screws and bulky spare parts to sensitive semi-finished products. The warehouse system can also be designed for specific storage conditions, for instance at defined temperatures, in particle-free or particularly dry air environments.

New drive technology for energy efficiency

The Megamat RS 180 can be put into service in the shortest of times. The carousel modules are pre-assembled at the Kardex Remstar factory where they are also pre-tested. New drive technology guarantees a favourable energy balance sheet: up to 40 percent of energy can be saved during operation thanks to a smaller, more efficient motor.

Improved safety and ergonomics

Several safety features and the carousel’s ergonomic design afford optimum protection for both stored goods and operating personnel. The smooth-action sliding door, for instance, ensures faster, safer access to items. Access authorisations can be optionally granted to specific persons. Downtimes can be avoided in the event of power failure as the carousel can be manually operated by emergency hand crank as a temporary measure.