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Efficient storage and fast access to fresh laundry

The new Kardex Remstar Megamat RS 180 optimizes processes in hotels and hospitals

Neuburg, April 8, 2013. The large quantities of hand towels, bed linen, staff clothing and other textiles in hotels and hospitals are a real challenge as far as logistics are concerned. The new Kardex Remstar Megamat RS 180 performs storage and retrieval processes with ease and efficiency – thus ensuring that clean, dry laundry is reliably stored and issued.

Laundry stores should take up as little space as possible in hospitals and hotels. At the same time fast access is a must: smooth operations can only be ensured when sufficient quantities are available at the right time. The Megamat RS 180 guarantees fast automatic retrieval of the required textiles. The vertical carousel thus verifiably contributes to optimizing processes and reducing costs. Laundry stays dust-free and clean in the enclosed storage facility.

Laundry supply system
As Marc A. Zenses, Manager Solution/Product Management at Kardex Remstar explains: “In terms of durability, functionality and user friendliness the new Megamat RS 180 matches with the rest of the product family. With the RS series we now cover three load classes, with the latest Megamat addition serving the lightweight class up to 180 kilograms, making it ideal for use in hotels, hospitals and residential care facilities.“ The compact design of the Megamat RS 180 offers maximum storage capacity in a minimum of space. This high-density storage option can increase capacity by up to 80 percent.

Flexibility and fastness count
The new Megamat RS 180 can be used up to a height of 7.5 meters either as a stand-alone solution, in combination, or as a multi-storey system with multiple openings. The warehouse system can be extended or moved at any time. Laundry items can be sorted and picked by type or function according to hotel sector or hospital ward. Thanks to “Drive and View“, staff can always keep an exact check on laundry levels.

New drive technology for energy efficiency
The Megamat RS 180 can be put into service in the shortest of times. The carousel modules are pre-assembled at the Kardex Remstar factory where they are also pre-tested. New drive technology guarantees a favourable energy balance sheet: up to 40 percent of energy can be saved during operation thanks to a smaller, more efficient motor.

Increased reliability and convenient ergonomics
Several safety features and the carousel’s ergonomic design afford optimum protection for both freshly laundered items and staff. The smooth-action sliding door, for instance, ensures faster, safer access to laundry items. Access authorizations can be optionally granted to specific persons. Downtimes can be avoided in the event of power failure as the carousel can be manually operated per emergency hand crank as a temporary measure.